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We Can Do Hard Things

179. How to Fix Our Loneliness with Dr. Marisa G. Franco

We Can Do Hard Things
We Can Do Hard Things
1. How your attachment style determines how you make – or don’t make – friends and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2. How Dr. Franco’s work helped Glennon make healthy adult friendships over the past year.
3. Why we’re lonelier than ever – and how that loneliness can make us sick.
4. Why platonic friendships are beneficial to the health of our romantic partnerships. 
5. Learning to “trust the spark” when you meet a potential friend – and concrete steps to foster new friendship. 

About Dr. Franco:
Dr. Marisa G Franco is psychologist, international speaker, and New York Times bestselling author known for digesting and communicating science in ways tha change their lives. She works as a professor at The University of Maryland and authored the New York Times bestseller Platonic: How The Science of Attachment Can Help You Make—and Keep—Friends.
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We Can Do Hard Things
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