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Wine for Normal People

Comté Cheese PDO and its Striking Similarities to Wine

Wine for Normal People
Wine for Normal People

Comté is an ancient cooked and pressed cheese made from raw milk. It's made using special breeds of cows, and in designated places with historic and cultural significance. The high quality is well regarded, as evidenced by the fact that Comté is the most consumed AOC/PDO cheese in France.

I welcome communications director for Comté, Aurélia Chimier, and Jean-Louis Carbonnier of Carbonnier Communications who does communications for Comté in the US, along with other clients – he has been on the show before talking about (Chateau Palmer).

We dig into this wonderful cheese that has striking similarities to wine in terroir, craftsmanship, and cultural significance. This was a nice stroll into another, related part of the culinary world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Please visit https://comte-usa.com/ for more information

Here is a link to the podcast I did with the cheese master that I mention in the show.

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Wine for Normal People
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