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by J.D. Amato and Connor Ratliff
12 Hour Day with J.D. and Connor

12 Hour Day - Episode 7 - March 14, 2015


12 Hour Day - Episode 7 Recorded on: March 14, 2015

J.D. and Connor spend a Saturday together.

Winter is slowly coming to a close and after a long time of not being able to record, Connor and J.D. decide to spend a rare Saturday together. They start off talking music with a special musician guest and then forget they are recording and accidentally get over-engaged in a chat-room. Eventually they head into the city because Connor has one last show in New York before he heads to Texas for South By Southwest. It's been a while, so Connor and J.D. have a lot to say.

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by J.D. Amato and Connor Ratliff