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by J.D. Amato and Connor Ratliff
12 Hour Day with J.D. and Connor

BONUS - 12 Hour Minute - April 1st, 2018


BONUS - 12 Hour Minute Recorded on: April 1st, 2018

One minute of talk stretched to twelve hours in length.

While we wait for J.D. to post the newest episode, Connor really wanted to get some fresh content out there for April Fools Day. So, this is 12 Hour Minute-- one minute of conversation stretched to be the same 12 Hour Length you know and love. Connor and J.D. aren't really even sure the technology behind this works and it's essentially an empty shell of occasional clicks in it's twelve hour length. But, if you can somehow re-condense this down to a minute and the data isn't completely lost during that metamorphosis... then you have yourself a solid one minute of fresh new content.

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Episode 11

by J.D. Amato and Connor Ratliff