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RM2S Presents: Random Shit "Diego" (Gay Black in America, Gay & Religion, Biggest Misconception of Being Gay)


Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages....I hope you ready for some of the proudest and extravagant personalities in one sitting.  Romey-Mak had the pleasure of sitting down with Atlanta's own Diego. A proud gay black man in America who also is his cousin.  Rome sat down with Diego and his friends and asked a few questions from a straight guy to the gay community that may educate those who don't have any idea about the LGBTQ.  They discussed the biggest misconception of being gay and also their beliefs on homosexuality with religion as well as when they first knew of their homosexual feelings.  Special thanks to B-Smooth, Shay, Big Jon, B-Swan, and Trice for their raw contributions to this phenomenal episode.  

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by 2 Sense