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by 23 Minutes of Ska
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It hasta be Ska!


My goodness there's a lot of great new ska happening in the last few years... I mean... so much and of such quality! I'm trying hard to point out some of these bands for you all, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I love digging through bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and record shops looking for new great sounds, and the new great bands who are making them. And then I love even more getting to share them with all you listeners! Thanks for "tuning in" it means a lot!

00:00 - AKA the Syndicate - Save It (Save It '21)
03:30 - Ayahuaska - X.Piece.X.Peace.X (Ayahuaska '19)
06:38 - Barrio Rudo - Chespirito (Chespirito / Indica '21)
08:45 - Last Edition - Half Drunk at Half Time (Half Drunk at Half Time '21)
12:19 - Wild Man Riddim - Salska (Panatlantic '21)
14:54 - Sean Arawjo ft. Luke Jiorle & Mike Nappi - Ruin and Preservation (Dysania '17)
18:56 - Pinstripe Melee - Can't Stop Running (Can't Stop Running '21)

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Session : Twenty One // Episode : 466 // Airdate : August 19th, 2021


Episode 466

by 23 Minutes of Ska