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by Sophie Hansen
5 Things to be Cheerful About

5 Things to be Cheerful About with Naomi Bulger


A chat with the queen of Christmas calm Naomi Bulger. ; how she's keeping it together this Christmas and the five things she's cheerful about this week!

Naomi is an illustrator, writer and mother! She runs a number of online courses and works one on one with brands to find their ‘signature scent’.

She also recently released a beautiful e-book called ‘Christmas in the time of covid’ with loads of recipes, tips and ideas for making this a calm Christmas, despite all the ‘things’ swirling around in our world right now.

We chat about how she’s putting this into practice at her home and also of course, run through the five things that are making her feel cheerful this week.

Thank you for listening! This will be our last episode till mid January now as I’m taking a bit of time off to hit the beach with my family so we will see you then. Merry merry Christmas everyone, Sophie x

Naomi’s 5 things

COOKING; School lunches! I know it sounds strange but this year I’ve come to actually enjoy making school lunches. During lockdown we had a lot of fun getting more creative with quick and easy school lunches and tried to hang on to this when school went back. Simple things like mini quiches in cupcake moulds, a salad and maybe a quick fruit galette. Doesn’t really take much effort but the kids just love it!

LISTENING to (and sending) audio letters from my friend interstate. I’m also thrilled that Dispatch to a Friend is back and also loving the Out of Office podcast.

WATCHING; I have finally, properly got into the Back in Time for Dinner series with Annabel Crabb and it’s just fantastic!

READING and loving The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley. Actually all her books are wonderful.

DOING - cuddling our brand new puppy Thistle. He’s bringing a lot of laughs and fun into the house and has been such a source of joy.


Episode 3

Season 1

by Sophie Hansen