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by University of Aberdeen
525 Years in the Pursuit of Truth:  A New History of The University of Aberdeen

525 Years of Collecting and Care: The libraries, archives and museums of the University of Aberdeen


For 525 years, the historic libraries, archives and museum of the University of Aberdeen have been enriched by donations, gifts and acquisitions leading to collections which are now of international significance. As a curator of that historic material, Jane Pirie identifies key donors and figures involved in the care and formation of collections from the founding of King’s and Marischal Colleges through to their union in the University of Aberdeen.

Whilst there are items that reflect the teaching and curriculum of the university, others are indicative of the personal tastes of donors, their particular interests or studies, their political and religious views and even their personal wealth. The importance of books, archives and objects to the institutions will be explored by reflecting on the development over the last 500 years of specialist roles, intended to ensure that the collections were managed, housed, conserved and used in different ways, with specific institutional aims. The podcast concludes by bringing the story of the collections up to date with emphasis on the current role of Museums & Special Collections in teaching, research and public engagement with an important regional role and global outlook.


Episode 10

by University of Aberdeen