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8 Hour Binaural Beats

8 Hour Binaural Beats

8 Hour Binaural Beats

About 8 Hour Binaural Beats

Welcome to the 8 Hour Binaural Beats Podcast, from the creator of 8 Hour Sleep Music. This sleep sounds channel is dedicated to binaural beats with relaxing ambient music and nature sounds for sleep, meditation, yoga, relaxation, reiki healing, chakra alignment, and spiritual cleansing. Brainwave entrainment with binaural beats can help with anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, weight loss, and mood.

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The 8 Hour Binaural Beats Podcast was created to help those who suffer from sleep disorders such as insomnia and sleep anxiety get better and more restful sleep with the help of relaxing music with binaural beats. Our 8-hour long episodes will last for the entire night, ensuring you enjoy deep and uninterrupted sleep.
We release new episodes twice per week on Monday and Thursday evenings at 9pm EST. Be sure to follow us and hit the bell icon to always catch the latest episode!

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