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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast

Prison Break

Meet Simon Maclellan, who escaped from a high security jail pretending to be his twin brother in 2009. For the very first time Simon explains how he managed to fool dozens of prison officers, several court staff and even a judge, and why his daring escape completely humiliated the authorities. Since then Simon has cycled through the prison system over and over again, having been convicted of over 70 offences. These are mostly low level crimes, like shoplifting and drugs, which he believes are caused by never having anywhere to live when he's released from jail. The episode looks at the link between homelessness and crime, and how this is one of the major drivers of reoffending.

You can read more about Simon and the other characters in this podcast in my new book, Time After Time, which is published on the 7th September


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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast
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