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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast

The Fake Duke

In 2015 Alexander Wood made the national news for being convicted of fraud, after staying in over thirty elite hotels masquerading as the Duke of Marlborough. Chris Atkins met Alex in HMP Wandsworth, and they recently met up outside Claridge's in Mayfair where Alex revealed how he managed to con so many hotels. Alex is very long way from the stereotypical criminal, as he grew up in extreme as he was privilege as a child prodigy on the violin. In his teens he was performing for Royalty, touring the world with the very best orchestras and even played on a Harry Potter soundtrack. So how did a genius violist turn into an arch conman? And why did Alex's offending spiral after his conviction, so that he ended up perpetrating a £50 million banking fraud and ruining dozens of lives?

You can read more about Alex and the other characters in this podcast in my new book, Time After Time, which is published on the 7th September


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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast
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