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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast

Total Recall

Ed Cooley was convicted of drugs and firearms offences in 2014 and given ten years and eight months. Like most prisoners he was released on license halfway through, but he's since been recalled back to jail four times despite not being convicted of any new crimes. Chris and Ed's girlfriend Jess drove up to meet Ed when he was released from one of these recalls, and drive down to London to hit the recording studio where Ed laid down some of the songs he wrote in his cell. Despite wanting to go straight it's not long before Ed is recalled back to prison on spurious grounds. To hear more of Ed's music you can follow him on instagram @sgm_eviljwet.

You can read more about Ed and the other characters in this podcast in my new book, Time After Time, which is published on the 7th September


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A Bit of a Stretch - The Podcast
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