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by Abi & Paige Johnson
A Love Like This

Living Passionately on Purpose with Elyse Albritton


Today we are joined with our incredible friend Elyse Albritton. Elyse is an elementary school teacher in Louisiana and uses her classroom as her missions field. She absolutely loves sharing Jesus with her community. In a world where it can be so easy to become somebody that we aren’t. Elyse reminded us of the ways that she stays true to herself despite the constant pressures the culture throws on her. Overall Elyse has become such a dear and near friend who is full of joy and light and we know for sure that you are going to be encouraged to go and find your purpose with god. We spoke about the importance of inspiring the next generation, how your passion stems from your purpose, how to find that purpose and where to begin. By working in a classroom, Elyse is constantly reminded of our childlike faith and how God sees all of us. She reminded us that sometimes we question our path, but God is always right there leading us to our purpose and passion. Always remember, your purpose is when you are doing something that makes you feel closest to God. Enjoy. Support this podcast


Episode 56

Season 3

by Abi & Paige Johnson