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by A World From Scratch
A World From Scratch

7. Fashion from Scratch - Bert van Son


In the seventh episode, Tamar speaks with Bert van Son, Founder of the circular fashion company MUD Jeans. MUD Jeans is one of the pioneering fashion companies that is seeking to change the fashion industry from being extractive to being circular, fair and sustainable. Tamar and Bert speak about the complexities across the whole supply chain, how change is possible, and what each of us can do to contribute to this new vision of the industry. A special thanks to the DOEN Foundation, who made this episode possible. The DOEN Foundation was founded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery to support pioneers, like MUDJeans, who work hard on establishing a greener, more socially-inclusive and more creative society. 


Episode 7

Season 1

by A World From Scratch