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by Caffeine Magazine
Adventures In Coffee

How to Buy Coffee, Better


You’re at the supermarket and you’re looking at coffee bags. You read “Fruity Organic Single Origin” but the one next to it reads “Creamy Fairtrade Colombia Blend”...which should you choose??

But worry not! In this episode, we’re helping you figure out which coffee to buy and, more importantly, where! (Hint: it ain’t the supermarket).

Jools speaks to Andrew Pautler of Pull and Pour Coffee to get the basics squared away: blend or single origin? Supermarket, online or in a cafe? How fresh from roast?

Scott then speaks with Jenn Rugolo who works at the Specialty Coffee Association to help us navigate the thorniest of all questions: what's the most ethical coffee I can buy?

Get ready to never buy coffee the same way ever again!


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