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by Caffeine Magazine
Adventures In Coffee

Scott's Secrets to Finding a Great Coffee Shop


Every high street now has at least five great looking coffee shops. But chances are only one or two actually make a truly great coffee. But how are you supposed to know which without trying them all out first?

In this episode Scott, Jools and James are quite literally putting in the work to help you understand how to identify a good coffee shop, and hack your way to café nirvana!

Self-crowned King of Caffeine Scott has what he believes is the ultimate hit-list of what to look for when trying out a new place for the first time: 1) beans 2) milk and 3) service.

Scott swears by this framework, but Jools and James aren't going to just take his word for it. So where better than a mystery tour of East London to see just how well Scott’s framework holds up?

Will our favourite Coffee Snob come out on top or will Scott have to eat (or should that be drink) his words on this one?!


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by Caffeine Magazine