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Agility Mindset Podcast Series 2 Episode 3 - Ian Greenaway


In episode three, we demonstrate how agile working can be successfully implemented on the ground in a practical setting. Ian Greenaway is the Managing Director of MTM Limited, the biggest supplier of aluminium signs and lighting. Ian rejuvenated the company back in 1996 by introducing agile working practises, and MTM went on to become a founding member of the Agile Future Forum. Maggie headed to Chesterfield to the MTM factory to speak to Ian and his team.

Ian believes agile working benefits both the demands of their customers and a new generation of workers. He works closely with his staff and outlines mutual trust and a level of self-management within teams as essential to successful and efficient working. His team value and respect the level of flexibility and autonomy at MTM, which leads to an increase in productivity and loyalty to the business.

The Agility Mindset Podcast is hosted by Fiona Cannon, Director of Responsible Business, Sustainability and Inclusion for Lloyds Banking Group and Director of the Agile Future Forum (www.agilefutureforum.co.uk), and business journalist Maggie Pagano. The Agility Mindset Podcast explores the merits of agile working and its benefits not just as for employees but as a real asset for businesses to find and maintain that competitive edge.

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by Agility Mindset Podcast