All The Best (& Worst) with Mr and Mrs Hinch

The Big Day


In this episode, you get to hear everything about Sophie and Jamie's wedding. From trying to surprise Sophie with the ring, to plucking up the courage to ask for her Dad's permission. Hear Jamie explain how her father reacted and what any of this has to do with helicopters! Find out why Jamie hid the ring in his underwear and what Sophie really thought was going on! We hear from the happy couple about their wedding, the planning leading up to it and how the big day lived up to Sophie's expectations. And Sophie and Jamie hear the wedding-cringe stories you have sent in! You have to hear these! In this ep, you'll hear the real story, told by Jamie and Sophie, exclusively on All The Best (& Worst) with Mr. and Mrs. Hinch. Thank you to our sponsor, Peanut. Peanut is an app connecting women throughout all stages of motherhood. Whether you’re a mother, pregnant, or trying to conceive, the app provides access to a community who are there to listen, share information and offer valuable advice. To download the app for free, head to You can get in touch with with sophie and jamie on instagram: @mrshinchhome @mrhinchhome


Episode 3

Season 1

by Heart