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Almost 30

If I Slow Down, Will I Fall Behind?

Almost 30
Almost 30
Do you resist slowing down? 
In this solo episode, Lindsey shares how slowing down has opened her heart and is the key to unlocking so much happiness, creativity, connectivity and more. While she still faces waves of feeling like she is falling behind, she has learned to fully receive the flow state that comes when you slow down your day-to-day and live more intentionally.
Lindsey offers tangible steps so you too can practice more mindfulness and not just check a box for the sake of it. She gets real about her relationship with social media and how important it is to lessen the noise, so you can connect with your true self. Remember, slowing down is your birthright. 
We also talk about:
Defining productivity
Keeping your heart open
Why are you afraid to slow down?
The impact of social media 
Commit to connecting with your true self
Eating food intentionally
Simplifying your morning routine
Slowing down your workouts
Getting in nature daily
Instagram: @lindseysimcik

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