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Alone Together

Professional Cuddlers Wanted: Why Touch Matters


You can’t touch this podcast, but you can hear in this episode the reasons why touch matters. 

The loss of physical touch has increased our feelings of loneliness. For some people who are living by themselves, it’s been months since they’ve had physical contact with another person. 

A year ago, we hugged and we touched without thinking about what we were doing. Every physical action we take now is planned and deliberate. The way we say hello or goodbye has changed. 

That need to connect through touch is more important to some people than others. But even when we can’t connect through physical touch, there are other ways to stay connected. Hear in this episode what touch means to a professional cuddler, someone who has haphephobia, an expert on touch, and a Thai monk, and the lessons we can learn.


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Episode 5

Season 1

by Apostrophe Podcast Network