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by Mira Joleigh
#Ambitionista™ with Mira Joleigh

Meet Mira Joleigh, your host, virtual life coach + the story of my quarter life crisis // ep 1


Deep, soulful, outspoken and outside-the-box! Mira Joleigh is a Los Angeles based, internationally recognized life coach, business mentor, intersectional feminist, author and influencer among millennial women. Mira’s work centers around supporting her clients to find their passion, rock their confidence and launch their first business. Mira’s been featured on NPR and Fusion Network sharing the unique story of her #quarterlifecrisis and Huffington Post calls her “An Inspirational Woman.” She’s the founder of the dynamic online community, the #Ambitionista Success Club. Get inspired by the insights from Mira’s special guests on the #Ambitionista Podcast and get free virtual life coaching on Mira’s weekly Facebook LIVE show, #AmbitionHour. Reach out  👇🏽👇🏿👇🏻 http://Ambitionista.org



by Mira Joleigh