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And Just Like That...The Writers Room

“Hello, It’s Me” and “Little Black Dress” (with Samantha Irby)


In the first episode of And Just Like That...The Writers Room, Michael Patrick King, Elisa Zuritsky, and Julie Rottenberg reflect on what’s it like to return to the world  Sex and City 11 years later. They’re joined by one of the season’s new writers, Samantha Irby to discuss the first two episodes, which features an awkward interaction between Miranda and one of the show’s new characters, Dr. Nya Wallace. They also discuss the thought process behind episode one’s biggest shocker...you know the one. Together the group dives into the choices, jokes, and experiences that shaped the return of the franchise and what viewers can look forward to as we explore these characters' complicated lives and friendships in their 50s.

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