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by Yamina
Another day at the Office

Can Instagram be educational?


Can Instagram be an educational? That's the question we did not try to fully answer but more did fully try to discuss, but adressing different nuances, layers and contexts related to it.

My back still hurts from the researching process i did for this episode, gotta be honest 😂.

The points discussed in this episode :

● Amateurism and professionalism in teaching and their legitimacy on Instagram.

● School and university not being the only place to find education :

   • Descrimination in University.

   • Systems of checks on authority.

   • Systems of ethics in education.

● Theories of apprenticeship.

● Reviewing the role of instagram in education.

References : 

  Books :

● Émile or trearise on education by Jean jaques Rousseau.

● How soon is now by Carolyn Dinshaw.

Articles :

● Reviewing the role of instagram in education, article : 


● Ariel Bisset : 



Episode 3

Season 3

by Yamina