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by Yamina
Another day at the Office

Does reading have to be an enjoyable experience?


Last week, i saw somebody on a facebook group saying : " i got bored while reading it", about George Orwell's 1984 and i thought : George Orwell is a critic, an essayist, we shouldn't expect ourselves to be entertained while reading! We're more likely to be provoked when reading his essays, even the ones in a form of fiction or metaphors. So here is a question : Should we throw expectations onto a book before reading it and expect it to make us feel a certain and think a certain way? Or should we approach reading objectively? Script : Yamina, Music reference : Sam Fender - The borders, Books references and authors : George Orwell 1984, George Orwell Why i write, Noam Chomsky.


Episode 13

Season 2

by Yamina