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Episode 1: The Day After Tomorrow for CienciaPR


The Day After Tomorrow is…today. It’s the first episode of Anthropocinema and we are coming out of the gate with one of the most iconic climate change disaster movies of all time—so buckle up. From wolves attacking people in the newly frozen tundra of Manhattan to soccer ball-sized hail squashing people in the streets of Tokyo, this movie has everything—except a coherent plot. Listen to your Anthropocinema hosts discuss the scientific highlights (and/or lowlights) of this delightfully over the top look at what would happen to global climate if oceanic circulation in the Atlantic just…stopped. Funds raised for this episode will go to CienciaPR, a nonprofit transforming STEM education in Puerto Rico by developing a more culturally relevant curriculum. Learn more about their work and support their mission on https://www.cienciapr.org.