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Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain



today we're going to be talking about temptation. which, in my opinion, is one of the most challenging things we deal with as human beings. it's something we deal with whether we're 2 years old or 102 years old. the temptations can change as we get older, but some form of it is always there. the reason i think it's so hard to deal with, is because in the short term, it's often easier and more fun- there's instant gratification. the problem is, usually things that are tempting, that you know are wrong, will end up leaving you miserable down the line. no one gets away with it - the universe doesn't work like that. i feel like it's the fighting of a temptation that helps you grow into a more morally solid person. it's so important for your self-development, self-esteem and more...recently i had my own sort of awakening with resisting temptation that really clicked for me and that's what i want to talk about today.

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