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by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg
Archinect Sessions One-to-One

44 – RotoLab co-founders Michael Rotondi, M A Greenstein and Nels Long


Paul and Amelia are joined in-studio by the co-founders behind RotoLab, Michael Rotondi's new start-up. Along with Nels Long and M A Greenstein, Rotondi has ambitions to create uniquely VR-environments for architectural education and practice, and in the process, completely upend how we learn and work. Inspired by decades of experience in architecture and VR’s imminent future, Rotondi and his co-founders spoke about socializing in VR, gaming as education, and what this new frontier could mean for tomorrow’s architects.



by Paul Petrunia & Amelia Taylor-Hochberg