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by Archipelago
Archipelago Photography Podcast

Episode 31 - Forrest Walker Interview


Forrest Walker is an award-winning street photographer who recently completed a 5-year project focused on photographing over 100 Cities in over 75 countries covering all major regions of the world. This project had him walking 20km/day for over five years, as he explored and photographed all aspects of big city life on foot, finding small worlds within each major city, while connecting the whole world through its people and life. I chat with Forrest about his approach to street photography, some of the challenges he faced, and some of the projects he's working on now, and what lies ahead of him after completing such a massive project. Website: http://www.fdwalker.com/ Blog: http://shooterfiles.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fdwalker/ Have you heard? A game-changer in the preset world has arrived. Introducing QUEST. Quest is a subscription-based platform with exclusive access to new signature presets & profiles for only $8/month. Subscribers also get access to great bonus content & tutorials, live edit sessions and Q&As, and the chance to connect with a community in our Quest Facebook group. www.archipelagoquest.com Podcasts listeners can get their first month of Quest membership FREE with code: PODCAST31 This is a limited time offer, available until the end of April, 2021.



by Archipelago