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by Archipelago
Archipelago Photography Podcast

Episode 33 - Faisa Omer Interview


Faisa Omer is a studio photographer and mental health professional. She was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. Her parents immigrated to Canada in the early 90s to escape the Somali Civil War. Faisa's recognized work includes the "Reclaiming Ritchie" project that showcased the racial divide in the west-end Ottawa neighbourhood as well as "It's Different for Us" photo voice project with the South East Community Health Centre around south-end Ottawa neighbourhoods negatively affected by the pandemic. Her educational background also includes two degrees in Neuroscience from Carleton University, and recently a second Masters, this time in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University. Faisa's work is currently being shown at the Ottawa Art Gallery as part of Sheltered in Place: Portraits of Self, Family and Community (through August 2021). Website: https://faisaomer.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/faisaomer_/ Have you heard? A game-changer in the preset world has arrived. Introducing QUEST. Quest is a subscription-based platform with exclusive access to new signature presets & profiles for only $8/month. Subscribers also get access to great bonus content & tutorials, live edit sessions and Q&As, and the chance to connect with a community in our Quest Facebook group. https://archipelagoquest.com/ Podcasts listeners can get their first month of Quest membership FREE with code: PODCAST33 This is a limited time offer, available until the end of June 2021.



by Archipelago