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by Tuçe Erel
Art Next Door

Art Next Door #8.2 Conversation with Mindaugas Gapševičius (TOP Transdisciplinary Project Space) and Korhan Erel


The 8th episode of Art Next Door, features Kreuzberg Pavilion and their co-directors and spatial dramaturgs Heiko Pfreundt and Lisa Susanne Schorm, and TOP Transdisciplinary Project Space and their co-chair Mindaugas Gapševičius, as well as Korhan Erel, who will present their upcoming solo exhibition Scarecrow. 

In the second part of this episode, I feature the project space, of which I am part, Top Transdisciplinary Project Space in Neukölln. I interviewed Mindaugas Gapševičius, who is currently the co-chair of the association. 

I joined the Top Transdisciplinary Project Space in January 2017 and I have been collaborating with our collective members as well as external partners, artists, and scientists for various events and exhibitions. I have a specific interest in collectives, initiatives, and project spaces in general. But I did not have any specific idea to start doing this interview series until Julia from Keith F’em asked me to contribute to their online radio. So that’s how Art Next Door radio show and podcast project started in mid-July, 2020. 

I have to share this disclaimer though… Of course, I had the idea of featuring TOP at some point, so this episode coincides with my upcoming project at TOP, scarecrow, a collaboration with my partner Korhan Erel. So this episode is very personal. 

Due to the lockdown in November, this project cannot be opened to public visits. The project is documented and visible on YouTube.


Episode 8

Season 1

by Tuçe Erel