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Radical Bisexual Permission with Zachary Zane

ask a sub
ask a sub

Zachary Zane, author of Boyslut: A Memoir and Manifesto stopped by to talk about bisexual sluttiness, rejecting bi assimilationism, and his hairy butthole. We had a ton of fun breaking down bi stereotypes and bringing some bi chaos to pride month.

Join Patreon at $11/month to get the complete interview here, as well as access to the archives of interviews with discussions ranging from how to find a sex positive therapist, to how to navigate your local kink scene, to the scientific origins of masochism. Oh yeah, and my only public recorded convo with Mr. Dune.

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Created, Hosted, Produced and Edited by Lina Dune

With Additional Support from Mr. Dune

Artwork by Kayleigh Denner

Music by Dan Molad

ask a sub
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