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by Maureen Ciaccio
Ask a Sustainable Builder

Sara Mallio – Permaculture, Designing the House and Land Together, Five Aspects of Sustainability, Role of the Contractor


Sara Mallio, of White Oaks Studio in Littleton Massachusetts, is a residential designer with a passion for sustainable design. She is a Certified Passive House Consultant and a Certified Permaculture Designer. A Vermont licensed architect, her firm is first and foremost client focused, making sure that the final design supports the lifestyle the client strives for.

Sara views the building and the land as a whole system, working in symbiosis. Sara’s designs reflect this, incorporating the natural resources and inherent beauty of the land into each design. She works to bring the outside in and the inside out, studying the ecological resources each piece of land has to offer, as well as the resources each building produces. She weaves them into a regenerative, whole system where each one supports the other. Sara is currently pursuing her Master of Architecture degree at UMass Amherst to more fully study the potential of sustainable land-building systems.


•  Permaculture 

•  Five aspects of sustainability

•  Abundance mindset within the building industry and community sectors

•  Thinking through design details to bring down cost

•  Design process from discovery to construction 

•  At what point should the contractor get involved?


•  You can find Sara and White Oaks Studio at her website, https://whiteoaksstudio.com


Episode 5

Season 1

by Maureen Ciaccio