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Audioish Podcast The Beginner Audiophile Journey Learning about streaming music, headphones, cables and more

Audioish Podcast Episode 1 - The Beginner Audiophile Journey, Product Reviews, Headphones and more


Mike and Pete spin off their Autoish Podcast to cover Audiophile gear, streaming music sources, headphones, DAC's and more. Mike is taking Pete down the rabbit hole of hi-end audio by starting with headphones, hi-res audio files, DAC's and the cables that bring everything together. Each week, the plan is to bring product reviews, favorite tracks and new audiophile experiences to the show.

In this episode Mike talks about his introduction to electronics at the age of 12 and how that fit into his love of DIY audio later in life. Pete talks about his first Sony Discman and his first CD's. Mike tells the story of his fathers first hi-end audio system and Pete tells a funny story about the recycling of his Dad's old speakers.


Episode 1

Season 1

by Audioish Podcast