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by Rask Australia
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Interview: Dr Anirban Mahanti - Investing in hypergrowth technologies


Dr Anirban Mahanti is the Director of Research at The Motley Fool Australia, and the lead adviser of Motley Fool Pro and Motley Fool Extreme Opportunities.
Anirban’s story is grounded in technology, software and machine learning, having spent the early part of his career as an academic working on complex problems ranging from distributed data to video on demand.
During the first 30 minutes or so of this conversation, we talk about Anirban’s backstory before diving into the really juicy stuff, like the competitive advantage afforded to investors with a tech or engineering background, the flow of innovation through research and how that intertwines with investing, how Anirban values stocks, builds a portfolio and more. Then we end with some rapid-fire investor and technology-focused questions, such as:
  • The emerging technologies Anirban is most excited about
  • The most overrated innovative company (hint: it’s from Australia)
  • Why Apple has staying power
  • The most innovative companies and what defines them, including Apple and Tesla
And, of course, we conclude with Anirban’s three pieces of advice to his younger self.
Some companies mentioned in the podcast include: Tesla, Apple, Google/Alphabet, Audinate, IBM, CSL and a few others in passing.


Episode 11

Season 3

by Rask Australia