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Interview: How much is a life worth, with Peter Singer


In this episode of The Australian Investors Podcast, Kate & Owen chat to Peter Singer, one of the world's leading philosophers in effective altruism and moral ethics. Peter is such a special guest to have on the show given his contributions to the world. He has pioneered the idea of effective giving and shares the tools we can use to do the most good in the world. We chat with Peter about our role in helping others, when to consider donating to charity, whether having too many charities is inefficient and the concept of effective altruism.
This episode comes from our popular Australian Finance Podcast series, a series aimed at educating people to make the most of their finances and start investing.
Get a free copy of Peter's book The Life Your Can Save here: www.thelifeyoucansave.org.au/the-book |
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Episode 7

Season 3

by Rask Australia