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Interview: Luke Winchester - Small Cap Investor


In this conversation of The Australian Investors Podcast, Owen Rask talks to Luke “Wini” Winchester, the Emerging Companies Portfolio Manager at Oracle Investment Management and prolific small-cap investor on Twitter, Strawman and (formerly) Hot Copper.
This is a brilliant conversation for small-cap investors on the ASX and global markets. Luke walks us through how he gets an edge in researching small, micro and nano cap stocks on the ASX. A few of my — Owen here — key takeaways include Luke’s use of automated and semi-automated (and free) tools to track company recruiting on Seek.com.au or Indeed, sales managers on LinkedIn, and how (and why) to do your own thorough channel checking.
Luke also shares:
  • The steps he took to rapidly up-skill his knowledge of finance and investing in small cap shares
  • How to get an insider or management to share the important data points with you (the investor) need to know
  • Why it’s vital to build a network of good investors (even if you don’t know them)
  • The importance of asking “dumb” questions to other small-cap investors
  • Techniques for interviewing management, including being prepared for first contact

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Disclosure: At the time of publishing, Owen owns shares of RPMGlobal. Rask Australia recommends shares of Laserbond, XRF Scientific and RPMGlobal. Please see Luke’s website(s) for his disclosure.
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Episode 10

Season 3

by Rask Australia