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by PixlBit

Asura's Wrath Part 2


Welcome back to Backloggers! We're waist deep in Asura's wrath in this episode. Before listening you should have played up to the end of episode 9. Come join Julian, Angelo, and special guest Erika Szabo as we talk all about Asura.
We start out by getting Angelo and Erika's initial impressions on this very divisive game. Angelo is pleasantly surprised at how much he likes it, but at the same time is frustrated by its shortcomings. Erika is 100% on board with what Capcom and Cyber Connect 2 pulled off, and both agree that they can't wait to finish the game. Even Angelo's wife has been enjoying it!
We close out with an episode by episode breakdown of the story. As the discussion flows, we end up finding some more depth to the character of Asura than what's explicitly depicted on screen. Like any great anime, there are plenty of talking points and elements to disect, and that's exactly what we do.
Next episode, we finish the game! If you're playing along with us (or played the game in the past) , throw some comments our way and we'll try to work them in to our closing discussion. Until then, enjoy Asura's Wrath, and check out Erika's impressions of Bravely Default. Not really related, but it comes from Japan as well, so, yeah!



by PixlBit