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Asura's Wrath Part 3


Here it is at last, folks: the conclusion of the Backlogger's journey into Asura's Wrath! Julian and Angelo are once again joined by internet gamer sensation and all around pleasant person Erika Szabo. There's lots to talk about, so let's jump right in.
Things kick off with the one-two punch of the dumbest episode in the game and the most epic episode in the game. The crew talks at length on the hilarity of a hot spring scene and the insane and awesome implications of battling on the moon. Yes, the freaking moon!
The episode by episode recap focuses on how super cool (and dreamy) Yasha is, Julian's new-found frustrations with the one on one battle mechanics, and the incredibly interesting Buddhist elements that infuse this over the top action game. The conversation gets deep at times, something nobody on the show was expecting.
Things wrap up with a spirited debate over the "true" ending to the game. Is it ethical? Does it really ruin the accomplishment of finishing the game when there's a hidden cliffhanger that leads into DLC? And how is that DLC, exactly? Julian gives it an assessment, and both he and Erika try to convince the (very) grumpy Angelo of its merits.
We hope you enjoyed this series of Backloggers! Come back next time as Angelo and some fresh faces discuss Alundra for PSX.



by PixlBit