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by PixlBit

El Shaddai Part 2


So, we wrapped up El Shaddai, and, for better and for worse, our expectations were pretty spot on. As you might imagine considering our previous podcast, stuff got deep again. We also had some theories and conjecture about a lot of the messages and artistic choices present in the game. Even if El Shaddai ended up not being for you, we hope you'll listen anyway to see what we took away from it. 

As usual on our follow up podcasts, be aware that this is loaded with spoilers. We assume that, by this point, you've either played the game or given up on it, so if that's not the case, finish up first (it's only about 10 hours tops) then give it a listen. 

Ishtar. Interesting resemblance right?
It's also a good time to remind our listeners that Richard did some great (although also spoiler filled) write-ups on El Shaddai. You can find them in the show notes on our first podcast discussing this game, and don't forget to check out Richard Clark's work over at Christ and Pop Culture and Game Church. Thanks again for joining us Richard!



by PixlBit