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by Charlotte Sherston
Be Less Crap

The Secret of Half-Arsed Parenting with Dr. Susie O'Brien


Being a parent is hard. What would your life look like if, instead of competing for the title of the parent of the year, you instead (gasp!) did a little LESS parenting? In this week's episode, I chat with journalist and author, Susie O'Brien, on the many merits of half-arsed parenting. We discuss everything from 'sharenting' on social media, the perils of helicopter parenting (guilty, your honour!), building resilience and if maybe your teenager was just having a 'posh wank'. If you are looking for the guilt-free way to not be consumed whole by sheer pressure and exhaustion of raising small people, then you have come to the right place, my friend. P.S. If you enjoy this episode I'd be tickled if you leave a review!

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by Charlotte Sherston