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by MeatEater
Bear Grease

Ep. 12: Snake Bit - The Original Fear


Whether you like it or not, snakes are a unique part of the human experience. We've had an unusual fear of them since humans started recording their lives in ways we can now study. In this episode, we'll talk with a man who's been bit so many times by venomous snakes he's lost count. We'll dive in deep with a Dr. Chris Jenkins of the Orianne Society trying to understand Timber Rattlesnake biology -- he calls them America's snake. He also tells us what to do if you get bit by a snake. We'll end with a shocking interview you wouldn't believe unless you heard it from the person it happened to. It's going to be a slithery conversation as we try to understand snake biology, human fear, and why snakes are important. Let us know what you think about this episode!

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by MeatEater