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by MeatEater
Bear Grease

Ep 15: Bear Grease [Render] - Mule Kicked, Scandals and Boone Mythology


On the episode of the Bear Grease [Render], Clay and the gang discuss an array of riveting topics including getting ninja kicked by a mule. They discuss how Clay got it wrong on the game warden story, and Kolby Morehead of Bear Hunting Magazine squeezes in a legitimate "bears, beets and Battle Star Galactica" reference. The guys are joined by writer Seth Haines, who was also a guest on the first episode of the Daniel Boone series. They discuss the tension created by Boone potentially having a Cherokee wife, and wrestle with "armchair valor" in saying how they wouldn't have done it. The discussion is rich as they render down the first episode of the Daniel Boone series. 

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by MeatEater