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by MeatEater
Bear Grease

Ep. 18: Daniel Boone - American Woodsman (Part 3)


This is part three and our final episode in our series on Daniel Boone. On this episode, we'll go in depth about his life from when he was 35 years old to his death at age 86. We’ll again interview acclaimed writers Steve Rinella and Robert Morgan about Boone’s impact on American identity and culture. We’ll explore the highlights of Boone’s life including the rescue of his daughter, rumors of his wife’s unfaithfulness, his stint as a Virginia legislature, and the controversy around where Boone is buried. Then we'll explore Boone’s identification as a woodsman and his impact on American’s view and utilization of wilderness with Dr. Daniel Rupp. Lastly, Clay makes an appeal that the American woodsman deserves a lasting place at the table of American identity.

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by MeatEater