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Bedtime Stories

The Near Missing 411

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories

Part One - Foreboding

David Paulides, an ex-police office turned author believes something strange is going on in and around North American national parks, where hundreds of people go missing each year. He refers to this phenomenon as the missing 411. However, over the course of this episode, we will be examining a cross-section of his research which receives perhaps the least publicity and analysis, those of the near missing 411.

Part Two – Missing Time

In part one, we recounted several alleged eyewitness accounts from survivors of strange occurrences, which might otherwise have ensured their disappearance and/or demise. And whilst those accounts were certainly bizarre, each one was very different, with no single phenomenon to pinpoint exactly what is going on in North America’s national parks. In part two, we recount three more strange tales of the near missing 411.


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Bedtime Stories
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