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Bedtime Stories

Touch of the Curse

Bedtime Stories
Bedtime Stories

Story One – The Horrifying Hexham Heads

In our last few episodes, we have examined reported incidents involving cryptids in possession of near-supernatural abilities, as well as others focusing on allegations of ghostly and inexplicable poltergeist activity. But in this story, we will be looking at a mysterious series of events which incorporate both. Join us, as we examine the horrifying history of the Hexham Heads.

Story Two – The Curse of the Golden Eagle

In April of 1983, author Stephen King released his thirteenth horror novel, ‘Christine’. The antagonist in that story was a haunted car, which pursued and killed a number of characters. But to the inhabitants of one coastal town in the state of Maine, King’s creation hits much closer to home. Join us, as we delve into the Curse of The Golden Eagle.


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Bedtime Stories
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