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by Department of Communities and Justice
Behind the Walls



Would you be willing to inspect the house of a convicted criminal? Have a one-on-one conversation with a parolee about their past trauma?

In the sixth and final episode of Behind the Walls: Parole, crime author and former journalist Michael Duffy meets parole officers including Grace Wong, who has one of the most challenging jobs in corrections.

“We do get a lot of clients who walk through the door with histories of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, exposure to violence at an early age and domestic violence,” Grace says.

“I think a lot of the trauma that clients go through and their abuse history contributes to the reasons why they end up in our system. There are some really sad stories that walk through the door.”

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Host: Michael Duffy

Technical Production and Design: Ben Cork

With thanks to the following guests: Don Sword, Clare McRae, Andy McClintock, Jessie Slattery-McDonald, Grace Wong and Ellen McCarroll.

We are grateful for the assistance of staff at the State Parole Authority, Long Bay Correctional Complex, the Electronic and External Monitoring Group, the Terrorism, Sex and Violent Offenders Group, and Hornsby and St Leonards Community Corrections.

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Episode 6

by Department of Communities and Justice