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Behind the Walls



A prison governor becomes good mates with a former inmate and even gives a speech at his wedding.

In the fourth episode of Behind the Walls: Rehabilitation, crime author and former journalist Michael Duffy talks to former inmate Damian Cuff about the friendship he has formed with Governor Mark Kennedy.

Damian spent 19 years in-and-out of prison for a range of crimes including armed robbery, kidnapping and drug use.

“Normally blokes get out and they go back to the same area, the same people that they always hung with and got in trouble with,” Damian says.

“I was given an opportunity before I got out here. I did works release and I still work for that company now - they offered me a position if I was willing to stay in Bathurst and what better opportunity than to start fresh.

“I’m still mates with Kenno (Mark) because Kenno, he knew about me, but he didn’t want to make me feel like I was a criminal, or I was different. I was just one of the boys playing football.”

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Host: Michael Duffy

Technical Production and Design: Ben Cork

With thanks to the following guests: Wayne Bywater, Jacqueline Forbes, Karen Allen, India McMillan, Mark Kennedy, Rowena Mustard, Charles Heath and Damian Cuff.

We are grateful for the assistance of staff at Glen Innes, Cessnock, Dawn de Loas, Macquarie, Bathurst, Cooma and Kirkconnell correctional centres.

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Episode 4

by Department of Communities and Justice