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Behind the Walls



Would you believe that some inmates actually ask to be sent to Australia’s toughest and most regimented prison, Supermax?

In the second episode of Behind the Walls: Security, crime author and former journalist Michael Duffy learns about prison-yard hierarchies and how to stop inmates from attacking each other.

“There’s no doubt that security is the core function of a prison, but security means much more than just locking people up and watching them from towers so they don’t escape,” Michael says.

“It means keeping inmates from attacking each other, or rioting, or attacking our officers or prison property.

“That means our officers need to know what’s going on among the inmate population. To do that, they have to walk among the inmates, talk to them, gather and respond to intelligence.”

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Host: Michael Duffy

Technical Production and Design: Ben Cork

With thanks to the following guests: Dale Ashcroft, Craig Smith, Angela Feeney, Lee Caines, Sarah, Shae Field, Andrew Guffogg, Todd Williams, Paul Coyne.

We are grateful for the assistance of staff at Cooma, Dawn De Loas, Lithgow, Bathurst, Kirkconnell and Cessnock correctional centres.

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Episode 2

by Department of Communities and Justice