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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

S19E4: Abduction & Regression ft Dylan Stuart

Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast

In this captivating episode of "Believe," Kade welcomes a special guest, Dylan Stuart, the host of the "Paranormal Thoughts Podcast." Together, they embark on a fascinating and deeply personal journey into the mysterious world of alien abduction experiences and the profound process of regression therapy.

Dylan shares his own extraordinary story of self-discovery, a journey that began when he realized he might be an experiencer of alien abduction. He describes the unsettling moments that led him to question his own reality and how he decided to delve deeper into his experiences.

The heart of this episode unfolds as Dylan recounts his courageous decision to undergo regression therapy to unlock buried memories of potential encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Kade and Dylan discuss the emotional and psychological aspects of regression therapy, exploring the powerful impact it had on Dylan's life and his understanding of the paranormal.

Dylan's candid and introspective account provides a unique and thought-provoking perspective on the intersection of personal experience, the unexplained, and the journey toward self-discovery.

Join Kade and Dylan in this thought-provoking episode of "Believe" as they delve deep into the enigmatic world of alien abductions, regression therapy, and the profound self-discovery that comes from confronting the unexplained. Prepare to be intrigued, inspired, and, most importantly, to believe.

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Believe: Paranormal & UFO Podcast
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