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CK Podcast S2E1: NFC East & Dak, BTS Overrated (?), KPOP Idol Tours in US, Audition Stories, Crazy College Roommate Stories


We're BACK with SEASON TWO of the CK Podcast. We're joined by Kelvin Moon (@ktownoppa) and Terry Jang. We talk about the NFC East and Terry gives us an assessment on each NFL team in the division. We then dive into Kpop Idol Group Events in the US and share our experiences with Idol music. I share a little about my audition experiences back in high school. TIMELINE NFC East (2:55) Dak Prescott (34:47) BTS Overrated? (36:44) KPOP Idol Tours in US (41:50) Listening to KPOP Idol Groups Growing Up (51:18) Christian's Audition Stories (59:50) 1JZ Productions (1:07:15) Crazy College Roommate Stories (1:13:00) www.benchedagain.com


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